Carrot Cake

Welcome…I’m so happy you’re here!  It feels like spring tends to bring a crazy to do list with it…so I’ve been busy as a bee in the kitchen and in the crafty studio.  Today…I have a sweet project that I’ve been working on in both of them…the kitchen and the studio.  It’s carrot cake in a jar…with cream cheese frosting…and a super cute tag!



For some reason I tend to make lot of cakes in the spring.  I typically make a Peeps cake for Easter…and also a lemon cake with strawberries for Easter, because that’s my Mom’s favorite.  And typically there’s carrot cake, too…but sometimes I forget that one.  I know…seriously…how could I forget carrot cake?  I don’t know…but I do.  Anyway… this year I had a fun reminder!  A couple of weeks ago we took our grandsons to see the Peter Rabbit movie…and you can probably guess the line of thinking here…rabbits…carrots…carrot cake.  So…I hopped right to it…and I thought it would be fun to do a few cake jars, too.   Truly…I’d probably eat mud if it was in jar with a cute tag on it.  Irresistible, I tell ‘ya!  But there’s no mud in these jars…I promise…just my favorite carrot cake…recipe courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa, of course.



I’ve learned a lot from the Barefoot Contessa…and one of the things that I love that she does is to add something as a garnish that shows an ingredient used in the recipe…like adding lemon wedges to a platter of lemon chicken.  It’s ingenious, I think…and I was thinking about that when I was deciding how to embellish my cake jars.  And so…a simple tag with a carrot seemed perfect.  In this case…it’s a simple tag cut in Pool Party cardstock and tied to Pumpkin Pie 1/4″ Stitched Edge Ribbon with a bit of Linen Thread.  And the only thing could make that better would be a wooden spoon…so I did that, too!



Supply List

  • Paper:  Pool Party, Pumpkin Pie, Old Olive
  • Tools and Accessories:  Pumpkin Pie 1/4″ Stitched Edge Ribbon, Linen Thread


Have an AMAZING day!

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