fresh corn salad

hello…and happy thursday!  today i’m sharing a bit about a favorite summer treat…fresh corn salad.  it’s so good, so easy, and every bit comes straight from the garden…which makes me love it even more.

i’ve always loved to cook, and it was my first 4-H project.  i remember like it was yesterday serving to my family the potato and ham soup i’d made from the project recipe book.  yes…we didn’t have ham, so i used hot dogs.  and yes…the potatoes were actually supposed to be cooked.  and it’s also true that no one was impressed…but it didn’t dampen my spirit, and i kept at it.

at some point several years ago i decided that loving to cook didn’t make me a great cook…or even a good cook…so i decided to do something about that.  and that’s when i found the barefoot contessa.  i loved everything about her…watched every food network episode, bought every cookbook and learned so much.  one thing that made the biggest difference for me was to understand that quality ingredients always improve the dish.  always.  and seriously…when you combine quality ingredients with fresh ingredients you get wow.  and that’s just what this salad is…wow!



if you’re not familiar with her…ina garten…i highly suggest you get to know her, and know her well!  you can find the fresh corn salad recipe in her first book, the barefoot contessa cookbook…and it’s a great place to start.  it’s a keeper, for sure!  but then again…she has eleven published books, and they all are!

click here or on the book cover below to grab your own copy of the barefoot contessa cookbook (affiliate links used).  thank you for spending part of you day with me! hugs…and bye for now!


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